Tok Mat: Congrats PAS!

TOGETHER with a few friends, I had the opportunity to attend and listen to PAS President policy speech at the party’s Muktamar 2019.

My personal take and for Umno in general, we respect and welcome the content of the speech. Specifically, UMNO agrees that:

  • ‘Penyatuan Ummah’ among the Muslim and Malays must be seriously focussed and become a platform of integration. It is a waste if teething problems are given a passage to jettison it, thus leading to more breakaway.
  • ‘Perpaduan Nasional’ in the Malaysia context must be enhance seriously. Islam observes diversity. Hence, it is paramount that all quarters including politicians translate the true Islamic teaching and bring unity among various faiths and races.
  • Islam way of life must take the lead in governing the nation. Transparency, excellent economic policy and the preservation of pillars element such as Bahasa Melayu must gain attention and not to be compromised.

At the same time, UMNO welcomes the political collaboration as envisaged by PAS.

UMNO is of the believe that openness and flexibility in working for unification are among the most important elements.

UMNO will give its full commitment and cooperation to PAS in finding solutions to a unified Malaysia and in upholding Islam.

I wish PAS all the best with its Muktamar, hoping that all deliberations and suggestion raised will benefit us all.

Dato’ Seri Utama Mohamad Hasan
UMNO Deputy President

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