UMNO Will Not Dissolve

1. SUGGESTION by certain quarters for the Malays to unite under BERSATU cannot be entertained.

2. On the contrary, the Malays will oppose BERSATU continuously as it was formed to break the Malays apart as a result of personal conflict among their leaders.

3. The Malays felt that they were cheated by BERSATU politics which made empty promises in its manifesto to the electorates with the only objective to win their votes.

4. BERSATU also embarks on its DIVIDE AND RULE agenda by penetrating into Sabah and Sarawak which has negative bearing on the Malay/Bumiputra unity in East Malaysia.

5. BERSATU is also responsible in spreading cult culture such as liberalism, LGBT and others.

6. They are also responsible in submitting Malay power to DAP in light of surrendering the finance, information and the AG portfolios which is seen as eroding the Malay rights and status.

7. Worse still, BERSATU is perceived as a personal belonging to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and it will demise when he is no longer around.

8. It is on positive note that UMNO and PAS members are now coming around together and ‘istiqamah’. This Malay unity will soon form a giant wave to clean up all the mess left by DAP and BERSATU.

9. BERSATU is not the answer for Malay unity and aspiration.

10. It will be more appropriate for BERSATU members to desert DAP and join UMNO-PAS under the MUAFAKAT NASIONAL. The Malays will not forgive those responsible for putting their dignity down at DAP’s feet.

Tan Sri Annuar Musa
UMNO Secretary-General

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