Unity, tolerance, mutual respect: Happy Malaysia Day

MALAYSIA Day is a reminder of how lucky we are as Malaysians. We live in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious country in peace and harmony. It reminds us that this country is built on unity, tolerance, honor, understanding and consensus.
The formation of Malaysia in 1963 saw the merger between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak. This reflects our commitment in establishing a plural and inclusive nation. A country, where we can share, understand and celebrate each other’s culture and history.
As Malaysians, we must celebrate this auspicious day. Wherever we are, the people are the foundation of the formation of a nation. A country without its people is just a piece of deserted land. Borders without its people is just a body that supports without the spirit.
A government without its people is just a political structure without spirit and soul. During the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen how strong the people’s unity is in working together.
I am very proud to see Malaysians helping each other regardless of differences. We must continue to show this spirit of unity. We must continue to live in this spirit of unity.
If one says that Malaysia is free from any conflict, this is a dishonest statement. As a diverse country, we are never free from problems and difficulties.
Realizing that, we have taken a big step in building a nation. Malaysia always accepts and appreciates each other. I am very happy to see Malaysians sharing their joys and sorrows and toil without thinking about the differences.
This is a sign that the Malaysian society has succeeded in appreciating the true value of community – that is always tolerance and compassionate to each other. Mutual respect and understanding between races has enabled us to achieve harmony. The harmony and understanding that many countries are envious of.
To this day, I am very grateful because the last social crisis  on 13 May 1969 has taught us to be more alert and live in brotherhood.
We must live our daily lives as citizens by embodying and emulating the true spirit of tolerance and compassion. So that one day, the young generation of the heirs of the country can emulate and admire it.
Just as we celebrate national heroes during Independence Day, we must also celebrate our one society, the Malaysians. We should respect each other, share our experiences and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each and everyone of us.
Happy Malaysia Day. May tomorrow be a better day for Malaysia, for our children and grandchildren.
Happy Malaysia Day.
Dato ‘Seri Utama Mohamad Haji Hasan
Deputy Chairman of Barisan Nasional
UMNO Deputy President