Our spirit does not waver – Zahid Hamidi

BAGAN DATUK, Jan 3 – UMNO President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the current politics is very dynamic and often observe a wave of change. However, it does not erode the spirit of UMNO members.
He explained that this can be seen at last year’s delegates’ meeting when UMNO was still an opposition.
In congratulating the successful meeting of the party’s 4-wing, the Bagan Datuk Member of Parliament said at the divisional, support for the party cannot be questioned.
“Even parts of the whole country are like that. Even if the leader comes and goes the part remains intact. In Sabah, out of 25 divisions, 22 Division Heads do not have resilience, they have crossed but three division heads remain steadfast, and Sabah UMNO remains intact,” he added.
Zahid explained that many young Sabah UMNO leaders have replaced leaders who have left the party.
“Sabah UMNO can produce new and young leaders. As a result, Sabah UMNO has become part of the current state government. Deputy Chief Minister and his three ministers are all from UMNO,” he said.
He said this at the Bagan Datuk Division UMNO delegates meeting held at the Dewan Perdana, Bagan Datuk today. Also present were the top leadership of UMNO Bagan Datuk Division as well as four-level leadership.
In the meantime, Zahid explained again although UMNO is only part of the government today but it is still not dominant and seems to be considered peeling on the edge of the trunk.
“UMNO’s honesty and sincerity is considered only as a complement to the government. UMNO is asked to be grateful and thankful for being invited to join the government. Who should be grateful and thankful instead? Aren’t they the ones who should be grateful and thankful to Barisan Nasional (BN) and UMNO?
“Why did they want to form 8,000 new branches in a short period? Where are they looking for members? Maybe some are bought and offered at cheap prices. Is the price of UMNO members really cheap like a cheap sales party?”
“UMNO members remain resilient. If we can survive the 22 months, what is another few months. What is the meaning of honesty without sincerity, and what is sincerity in relationship if there are still thorns spewed along our path,” he added.