Tommy Thomas book full of lies, incites hatred

I HAD the opportunity reading Tommy Thomas book, “My Story: Justice in the Wilderness” (‘Memoir’) which contains his reference and comments on various national matters during his tenancy as the Attorney-General.

What’s the former AG wrote here demonstrated his action and conduct which was clearly against his oath of office to seal the government’s secret at all times even though he is no longer in office.

It is stipulated that any information entrusted or obtained by a civil officer must be classified as ‘major secrets’, ‘secret’ or ‘confidential’ under the Official Secret Act and should not be made public, moreover turned as a selling booster to his perception and not the real truth.

Tommy Thomas’ view of the May 13 tragedy is irresponsible and failed to take into account the sensitivity among multiracial society in the country. His view must not be accepted as a historic documentation due the slanderous points which linked the late Tun Abdul Razak to the May 13 incident. That was only his personal take and contains unpleasant motive to belittle the former UMNO President and prime minister.

He also made uncalled comments amid the current various predicament faced by the nation. In his memoir, Tommy Thomas has not only ridiculed the Deputy Prosecutors but the entire Attorney-General Chamber which he once led. It may lead to public’s adverse perception on the ability of the AGC office bearers in expediting their duty. His remark that government officers only expected pay rise, end-month salary and pension remunerations was totally absurd and irresponsible, especially when it comes from someone of an AG credibility.

What’s more worrying is the twisted fact meant to stir manipulation and hatred against UMNO/Barisan Nasional, named individuals, politicians and agencies he had led with the bad intention to give the people wrong picture about the government.

The memoir itself demonstrates Tommy Thomas as someone who cannot keep secrets, publicity-craze and loves pat on the back. It also touches the decision meted out by him as the AG, including the LTTE and Adib cases.

His verdict on the LTTE was only based on loosed ground that the terrorist organisation was no longer active since 2009. LTTE is still a terrorist organisation and any fund-raising whatsoever for the purpose of suppporting it is against the Penal Code.

Similarly, his decision not to prosecute anybody in the case of Adib’s death was contested by the Coroner Court which clearly stated that the fireman’s death was the evil deed of at least two persons or more.

I hereby urge the public not to be gullible by Tommy Thomas personal take.


4 Februari 2021