Beef up healthcare system amid global pandemic

SOME international physicians are of the opinion that the global pandemic is expected to stay until 2024. Although vaccination has started, unfair treatment by some developed countries have resulted in many developing and less developed having difficulty to get vaccine supply.
To date, 130 countries have not received the vaccine and can’t afford it. This scenario will cause this pandemic to continue to be a global health hazard until all citizens of the world get immunized.
Malaysia must be fully prepared to face this scenario. Our health services sector must be beefed up without delay.
New appointments must be filled up immediately. It is hoped that the application for additional posts submitted in October 2020 has been approved. Contract and part-time health workers who are currently serving should be offered permanent positions.
They have served in very difficult times and their experience as frontliners is invaluable in strengthening our public health system. These officers have carried out their patriotic duties to the country at the utmost, albeit without the guarantee of permanent employment.
Thus, absorbing them into permanent positions is very much in line with their competencies, services and contributions. Volunteers consisting of retirees and various other segments of society must continue to be trained and be in the ‘data base’ of the MOH so that they can be mobilized anytime in critical situation.
Our health system has functioned well despite all the unexpected pressures due to the spread of this corona outbreak. This is attributable to the dedication and hard work of health workers, whether permanent, contract and volunteer. Their contribution is tremendous.
The next task is to strengthen our system by adding and filling all staffing needs, bringing the best talent to join the MOH, continuous training to develop the competencies of health workers and provide more comprehensive health facilities.
The government must expedite all this for the sake of a more vigilant, safe and prosperous Malaysia.

Dato Seri Utama Mohamad bin Haji Hasan

UMNO Deputy President