‘Bersatu, Bersetia, Berkhidmat’… members to ensure UMNO relevance

IS UMNO struggle remains relevant?
UMNO is 75 this year and will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee anniversary on May 11.
Thank God, I was right in staying with UMNO because I believe this party maintains its fundamental as a political party which upholds the ideals of the Malays and the dignity of religion, race and nation. That is what envisaged in UMNO Constitution Book.
Indeed, after 9 May 2018′ not only me but any UMNO members are faced with various challenges. Some even decided jumping to the other side, some who cannot cope with the pressure also take the same path… but what is most proud is that, UMNO members at the grassroots remain intact in defending the party until now.
To this day, there are still rumors claiming that UMNO is rejected by its grassroots… while UMNO grassroots remain supportive instead, disloyal party members who have become like fallen leaves, leaving no effect to the roots.
From the day UMNO became the government with Barisan Nasional, then as the Opposition and today becoming part of the government, the party still remains the talk of town, including of those who have left the party.
There were even worse scenario when those who want to ‘kill’ UMNO by saying UMNO is dead, irrelevant and all sorts of bad dispositions have had to bite their own tongues.
Developments in the country’s politics since UMNO was not a government actually revealed who actually is sincere in carrying out the struggle for the sake of religion, race and country. Dont just look only at UMNO but also individuals and public figures administering it.
UMNO’s name has been tarnished by lies and slanders of corruption and wrongdoings, of which attributed to BN failure in the last general election.
UMNO is faced with all sorts of realities that even its goodwill is manipulated by the political nemesis. Somehow they begin to see how dedicated UMNO is in championing the rakyat, which made them at rickety.
UMNO remains UMNO. Let all members and leaders decide their own path without interference. Make its relevance stay for as long as it could. The grassroots are always there for upholding the ‘Bersatu, Bersetia, Berkhidmat’ slogan. In shaa Allah, we march on…
UMNO Treasurer