Maintain understanding, MN doesn’t entertain provocations

KUALA LUMPUR, March 12 – The Muafakat Nasional Consultative Committee meeting two nights ago agreed not to issue any statement that might hurt their sensitivity.
According Pemuda UMNO chief Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, UMNO and Pas will also not entertain any element of provocation that could strain the relationship.
“If we want to rake the past, each and every of us can delve into 1,001 painful experience.
“That is why we embarked on the Ummah Unification (Penyatuan Ummah) agenda by organising more than 800 programs nationwide for 18 months, before signing the MN Charter on September 14, 2019,” he said in a Facebook posting.
He cited a Surah:
واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا ولا تفرقوا واذكروا نعمت الله عليكم إذ كنتم أعداء فألف بين قلوبكم فأصبحتم بنعمته إخوانا وكنتم على شفا حفرة من النار فأنقذكم منها كذلك يبين الله لكم آياته لعلكم تهتدون
“And hold fast, all of you, to the rope (religion) of Allah, and do not be separated, and remember the favor of Allah to you when you were (the time of ignorance) enemies, then Allah unites your hearts, then you become by the favor of Allah, the people the brothers; and you were on the brink of the abyss of hell, then Allah saved you from it. Thus does Allah made clear to you His verses, that you may be guided. “