Please review the RM10,000 compound

THE government should review the RM10,000 compound against those flouting the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Movement Control Order (PKP).
The increase of compound from RM1,000 to RM10,000 under the Emergency Ordinance has caused a lot of uneasiness among the people. Some are still confused about the SOP set by the government and now risk of being compounded up to RM10,000.
The J-KOM with an allocation of more than RM40 million should try to make the people understand the SOP first. This is the role they should play, not the other way around.
Secondly, I believe every Malaysian will comply with the SOP at all times because they too are worried of being infected by the Covid-19 epidemic. However, it is nature that we human make mistake too. The compound is supposed to educate and remind them, not to depress their lives.
Thirdly, RM10,000 is not a small amount for the low -income group. If they fail to pay within a certain period, they will face prosecution. To the rich, maybe its a small matter but others feel the pinch too.
It is true that the RM10,000 compound is produced in form of summons and not final since it can be reduced on appeal. However, it will also be burdensome should it is reduced only by a thousand ringgit of two.
The T20s may be liable to a maximum compound of RM10,000 while the M40s and B40s should be based on their income or repeated offenses. This is in line with the difficulty of the people surviving the a sluggish economy and the rising cost of living.
In any case, I still call on all Malaysians to do their best to comply with the SOP. Not simply of fear for being subjected to harsh action under the Emergency Ordinance, but out of concern for personal and family safety.
UMNO President