Not wrong for UMNO to cite people’s problems

THEIR propaganda machinery keeps venting their anger on UMNO on the argument that the party should not openly question the government policies on social media.
They said this based on the fact that there are UMNO Member of Parliaments (MPs) in the PN administration, including as Cabinet members, and that UMNO must relate it to them.
We have clarified it many times that UMNO did this because they were very ignorant of the people’s predicament. Let me explain.
First, today’s government is the Perikatan Nasional, not Barisan Nasional (BN) or Muafakat Nasional (MN).
Second, UMNO is not part of the government as it only supports the formation of a PN government.
Third, social media is one of UMNO’s platform to air the people’s problems, especially when Parliament continues to be suspended.
So based on these three things, it is not an offense for UMNO to continue the people’s problems. It is true that some of UMNO’s MPs are members of the government but I believe they cannot make decisions or policies individually.
Although they are aware of all issues raised by UMNO, any decision still needs to go through the PN government which is dominated by other party leaders. Thus, only the social media is UMNO’s channel to carry across the people’s message to the government more clearly.
After all, it is the responsibility of UMNO to highlight their issues.
In conclusion, UMNO is no longer a policy maker like before GE14. If BN still governs the country, UMNO can continue to take appropriate action.
God willing, when the people return to UMNO/BN to govern the country in GE15, we will separate between the good and the bad. We both learn from experience.
UMNO President