Attract investors, halt FDIs outflow

UMNO Youth chief Datuk Dr Ashraf Wajdi Dusuki said the government should immediately prepare a strategic plan to attract investment and to ensure that no more big investors or multinational shift to neighboring countries.
He said this is important to ensure that economic growth is not hampered any further as it will reduce the creation of new job opportunities for the people.
“One of the things that must be done immediately is to withdraw the emergency as soon as possible when the situation of COVID-19 is successfully controlled, since it is one of the big factors that will affect the trust and confidence of investors,” he said in a Facebook posting.
In the posting, Dr Asyraf attached a picture of him with Malindo Pilot Wan Affifi who was given unpaid leave for a year due to economic factors during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr Asyraf added that Wan Affifi and three other friends received more or less the same fate of being either laid off or fired from Air Asia, MAS and Air India, which prompted them to sell ‘rempeyek’ online for survival.
“The fact is that hundreds of such stories are received by UMNO Youth almost every day through the two Youth Hotlines that we provide, as well as through messages on our various social media platforms,” ​​he said.