UMNO reaches out to the people in variety

JELEBU, Apr 21 – UMNO must subscribe to variety of approaches to build up close relation with the people inside and outside the party, said Information Chief Shahril Hamdan.
He said the people is an important subject as they will reflect UMNO’s success in attending to multiracial and multi religion society of the country.
“Always bear in mind that UMNO needs to have various points of contact with the people and if there was no KPIs, there will be complacency, and I am afraid we will only focus on internal programs. Yes, it is true that internal programs are important since it is meant to beef up our machinery but we are also aware of the statistics that show UMNO’s external voters are much larger.
“So the question is how many points of contact does UMNO has for people outside the party. I tried the application in each and every visit and I see that we need to have just that. We need their participation in the ‘Connect the Interrupted’ program in ensuring a balance between UMNO and the people,” he said here, today.
Shahril further added that UMNO continues to move forward in matters of welfare, especially in the month of Ramadan throughout the country.
Meanwhile, Jelebu Member of Parliament Datuk Jalaludin Alias ​​said in his speech at the Negeri Sembilan Youth Iftar Program that UMNO’s struggle will not end because the party is inherited from time to time.
“The only important thing is to move forward the objective must be in unison even if the journey is different. Leaders may come and go but UMNO remains intact,” he said.