Diamond Jubilee – way forward, says President

KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 – UMNO President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hopes the party’s 75th anniversary will spur members with new spirit in continuing the struggle into its 100th inception.

He said UMNO must move on as relevant as it is for the nation and people and at the same time upholding what it has started.

“We cannot look back at history but look forward as I don’t see this 75th anniversary as a major celebration but more of filling it with more zest for the next 25 years when we celebrate, when I am no more the President. However, we would like to see UMNO embracing a new deal to make it more attractive to all Malaysians.

“We live in a multiracial society but stay dominance and safeguard the religion’s interest,” he said in conjunction with UMNO’s Diamond Jubilee in Umno Line’s Facebook last night.

Zahid who is Barisan Nasional chairman is of the opinion that if there is no new approach sought after whilst the past is raked, it will not be benificial to the party.

The party, he said must be more rationale in charting its strategy.

“Being too nostalgic landed us in a wrong footing and there are times we were petrified by others because we dont share similar turf.

“We need to be uniformised and avoid being an opportunist. With this, we will not only become open heartedly to changes but in embracing the new dynamics of politics.”

He also hopes UMNO will continue its struggle for the people since it was the early objective of its formation.

“Whatever the challenges are, the party must stay relevant. God Willing, UMNO will contribute to all.

“UMNO will still be there a hundred years after it was established”.