List Israel as an apartheid regime

1.  ISRAEL war crimes and occupation of Palestinian Muslims over the past six decades have become more prevalent and show no sign of abating in the near future.
2. Congratulations to the entire Malaysian community who are aware of this issue and together contribute to increase awareness, understanding and assistance to the Palestinian people in our capacity as civilians.
3. However, as a country with a clear and independent foreign policy, our stand and voice must be louder. It should go beyond mere condemnation. For now, we must focus on at least two things of principle.
4. First, to review the ‘two-state solution’ policy in line with the aspirations of the Palestinian people and the current position in Malaysia.
5. Today and at this time, the circumstances have changed a lot. Although previously there was a ‘two-state solution’ resolution, more and more Palestinian territories were illegally occupied and the expulsion of the Arab population continued to be the official policy of the Jewish regime.
6. That justifies the re-evaluation of Malaysia’s policy on the ‘two-state solution’, especially when the parties that support the current government are those who have a stance against the ‘two-state solution’.
7. Second, we must officially declare Israel an apartheid state.
8. Based on Israel’s barbarism as well as the ongoing violence by the Zionist regime, the world’s condemnation alone is very inadequate.
9. Previously, Malaysia has declared firmly and clearly to the world that we do not recognize the illegal state of Israel in our passports. Now, we must take a more decisive and radical step by declaring that Israel is officially an apartheid state. It should not be seasonal criticism.
10. The world must view the genocide of the Arab community, confiscation of land, property and homes and large-scale ethnic cleansing by the Zionists as systematic apartheid and war crimes rather than ‘self defense’.
11. By recognizing Israel as an apartheid regime, it will change the position of this regime in world forums and have more serious effects such as severance of diplomatic relations and ban on participating in various world events such as the Olympics and others. This will give a clear blow as well as pressure.
12. I together with all Malaysians sincerely hope that the Malaysian Government will take a clearer, decisive and radical step on this issue.
13. May peace, dignity and rights of the Palestinians be theirs as they deserve.