Veto at UN leads to Zionist brutality

THE Zionist regime is very rude, arrogant and conceited in its atrocity towards the Muslims in Palestine, notably Gaza. They forgot that Allah promise is true. May The Almighty give the worst retribution to them.
Our fellow believers in Gaza are in a pool of blood. May Allah accept the martyrs and admit them to heaven for defending their homeland and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest mosque for Muslims.
Thank you brothers in Gaza. While we in Malaysia live in good conditions, they are defending the dignity of Islam. I call on Muslims in Malaysia continue to pray for them. And my hope is for the fighters of the Sword of Al-Quds continue to advance.
Malaysia and UMNO will continue to avow our support. I also call on all Muslims to channel as much assistance as possible to them.
What more can be said about these Jews and Zionists. They will go astray forever until God curses them. Al-Aqsa Mosque belongs to Muslims. This land is the birthplace of the Prophets and ‘aniya’. Although the Western world considers Al Qassam and Hamas terrorists but they are martyrs in our eyes. They are true fighters. I pray for the resurrection of the intifada.
Zionists always play victim as license to attack the Palestinians. They prevent Muslims from going to the mosque. They expelled Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah’s settlement in East Jerusalem in caused casualties with guns and bombs.
And now they are carrying out bombings in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In Khan Yunis, Neblus, Beit El, Dar Salah, Qafin, Betlam, Kafr Qadin, Ufra, Azzun, Qawrah and other areas. So far the Palestinian Ministry of Health has announced 139 casualties, martyrs in the sight of Allah. More than 1,000 residents were injured and 750 others were arrested by Israeli police.
The Palestinian issue goes beyond the issue of state and religion. It deals with universal humanitarian issues. Israeli media reported that so far their government has fired more than 2,127 rockets since the conflict. The attacks in Ramadan are repeated attacks. Subhanallah, Allahu akbar.
It is weird when this incident happened more than a week ago, the UN wanted to have a virtual discussion. They adjourned the meeting and used veto power. As usual, their action is akin to wanting to see more Palestinians die. Or when the al-Qassam fighters are about to win, only then will they propose a ceasefire?
The illegal state of Israel violates international law. They targeted civilians, killing children and women. They don’t care about the world.
I have something to say. Beware of Israel and its allies as they are very adept at ‘reverse psychology’. Muslims in Malaysia are very sympathetic to the plight of Muslims in Gaza. We will continue providing whatever assistance to them.
Don’t forget the attacks on Gaza are recurrence. In such a conflict, some parties will try to divert attention. While international wrath rises, do remember that we must also take care of the country and the Muslims in Malaysia.
I fear this attack will be used as an excuse for Israel to achieve their aspirations on the pretext of wanting to continuously declare Jerusalem as their capital, thus creating the next Islamophobia. Bear in mind that the Zionists are cunning.
UMNO is with the Palestinians and Hamas. May victory be ours. Believe in Allah SWT. The truth will prevail.