Execute Pemerkasa immediately with full transparency

THE Additional Pemerkasa announced by the Prime Minister last night is a much needed milestone. Improving public health is a critical move since Malaysia desperately needs more ICUs, energy resources and vaccination programs.
Understanding the government’s constraints, it is important that every penny is utilized transparently and have the best impact. We do not want its implementation to result in leakages, system inefficiencies and waste.
Excessive allocation must have a double impact. We must take a lesson from the development of the vaccination registration system because how massive it is, it does not work well and poses inconvenience to the people.
The continuation of the Prihatin Rakyat program is also very much in line with the current situation.
The government is doing its best to extend this assistance to as many people as possible. Perhaps this strategy can be improved by ensuring the most affected receive more help.
Equity in distribution does not mean that everyone gets equal assistance. Those in need more deserve more and those less affected should receive more.
The third is that the Cabinet decision not to take their salary for a period of 3 months is welcomed.
But it should not be just the salary. It must include various allowances and entertainment allowances which normally are higher and exceeds their salaries as ministers.
Leadership by example in this critical time of crisis is a must.
To the Prime Minister, I hope all the Pemerkasa incentives will be implemented immediately without delay, in a transparent, trustworthy and efficient manner.
Dato’ Seri Utama Mohamad bin Haji Hasan
UMNO Deputy President