Umno makes suggestions, not criticises only

KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 – Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi lashed out at negative propaganda that Umno only knows how to criticise the government but never gave positive inputs as how the administration can be further improved.
He said it’s not true that Umno leadership only know how to criticize but have made several suggestions to curb Covid-19 to the Perikatan Nasional government.
“The MCO 2.0 was enforced from January 13 after the daily infection reached 3,027 cases. However, the loose MCO failed to reduce the case, so we suggested a ‘total lockdown’ be implemented. We asked for a ‘total lockdown’ but the people must be assisted.
“Among them are cash assistance, loan moratorium and EPF withdrawal for the second time. All proposals were not entertained with so many excuses but they finally had on 28 June announced a moratorium and the i-Citra scheme.
“Finally, they imposed a ‘total lockdown’ from June 1 because the infection has reached 8,000 cases a day. However, it is not the real ‘total lockdown’ and still failed to reduce daily cases.
“You see, there is no issue of Umno leadership only know how to criticism because we made suggestions too. The reality today is the to contain the pandemic,” the party president said in a Facebook posting.
The Member of Parliament for Bagan Datuk also said the people are suffering more because they were not properly assisted when some economic sectors are closed.
“We are asking for more help for the people and vaccination to be expedited. So we continue to suggest the implementation of a real ‘total lockdown’. However, the ‘total lockdown’ is still not implemented,” he said.
Meanwhile, the party is of the opinion that the vaccination program should be speeded up when the daily number of infections has reached five figures or around 12,000 cases a day.
“We are asking for more assistances for the people and vaccination to be expedited. I asked for flexibility because the Health Ministry says they can still be infected and infect. If you honestly want the people to be given flexibility immediately (for inter-state travel),” he said.