Youth will continue speaking for the people

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 6 Sept – Youth Chief Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki admits he received many personal messages hoping Umno Youth to continue carries the people’s interest.

As such, he said Umno Youth will forever carry their trust and aspiration.

“Pemuda will not cease from airing the people’s issue to the government,” he said in a FB posting, today.

In line with that, he said #TuntutanRAKYAT was personally handed over to the Prime Minister on August 27.

“Since then, I myself did the follow up with the PM’s Dept for immediate issues such as the BKC is credited to recipients’ account as soon as possible.

“I am trying to get an appointment with the EPF CEO this week to settle their i-Citra, that is to allow them withdraw a one-off RM10,000 or whatever balance left in their Acc 1 or 2.

He also said Umno Youth will also check with Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul over the free-interest moratorium, LPPSA moratorium, LHDN database, bureaucracy in appeals and other issues under #TuntutanRAKYAT.