Remember the hardship after GE14 – Ku Nan

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 24 – Umno Treasurer Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor hopes party members and all Malaysians will not forget the hardship after the 14th general election, especially when the country plunged into instability.
Some leaders, he said were turned into puppets to power.
“I am not rhetorical. However, do compare the era of 60 years BN in power with theirs. How is the situation for all of us, there are many complaints because there was no political stability in three years, with three Prime Ministers, and even now there is still no absolute stability,” he said.
The Putrajaya MP said this when officiating the Bunga Matahari Umno branch conference in his constituency.
Tengku Adnan or Ku Nan said he had reminded the people to be more aware of the Opposition’s tactics before GE14, that they went all out to demonise Umno/BN.
“So many unpleasant things happened when they governed for 22 months but thank God, they took a tumble. So was the interim government but stability is still not restored.
“Therefore, I appeal to all grassroots members, please remember what happened in the last election. As a result, until now, many have lost their jobs and were affected by their wrongdoing.”
In this regard, he said that Umno/BN is the right choice for Malaysians.
He explained that Umno itself is aware that its elected representatives have faced various pressures before.
“Due to the greed of the newly won government at that time, they have taken legal action and been accused of various political allegations with the aim of weakening our party. This is because their victory is also not very comfortable, so they tried to get our support which saw some elected representatives jumped ship.”
Presently, 16 Umno MPs are supporting the PPBM government.