Budget 2022 recognises women’s role

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1 – Wanita commends Prime Minister Datuk Ismal Sabri government for showing great recognition to the women’s role in country.

Its chief Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad said Budget 2022 tabled at the Parliament on Friday offers a great deal of initiatives to women participation in nation-building and involvement in making decisions.

“The Security Commission;s decision to make in compulsory for at least a woman director in listed public companies is very much appreciated.

“It symbolises the importance of women contribution to the country, notably the economy” she said.

Among allocations for women are RM230 million for DANANITA under MARA and TEKUNITA under TEKUN, and the Program MyKasih Kapital which encourages them to generate income from home.

Noraini who is the Higher Education Minister said working women will also be aided with RM30 million to build children care center at government buildings, esecially hospitals and public universities.

The government also provides income-taz waiver for working women as much as RM3,000 which can be utilised as fees for the centers.