Campaign in new norm is not a deterrent

JASIN, Nov 15 – Puteri chief Datuk Zahida Zarik Khan said campaigning in the new norm is difficult but it should not deter efforts to woo voters in Melaka state election.
Face-to-face and virtual campaign methods should be stepped up during the stipulated period.
“That’s why we also need a face-to-face campaign because in rural areas, most people don’t have smartphones. Sometimes it’s not just phones but even internet connectivity issue.
“So we still have to use face-to-face campaigns by observing the SOP set by the government. There are problems, of course, and there are times it caused difficulty to senior citizens because they are not familiar with smartphones. We need to adjust our approach.”
Zahida also said her team also focused on fully-utilizing the social media platforms and using lorries to woo voters.
“I call on all voters to go all out on Nov 20, vote for BN candidates because it is the best party that takes care of the people and the country,” she said.