Umno struggles for future generation – Shahril

KUALA LANGAT, Dec 12 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan said Kuala Langat Umno Youth will continue the party’s struggle for the future generation.
“We can distinguish who the real fighter is and who is just looking for opportunities. Umno is now back as the main party of the government and the main source of political stability in the country.
“A lot of efforts are focused on Umno’s preparation in the next general election after two years of constraints to provide basic programs, including the people’s welfare,” he said when officiating the Kuala Langat Division Youth Delegates meeting at Jugra Lakeview Banting here, Saturday.
The Pemuda vice-chief also said the Kuala Langat Youth should enliven the movement to help the people better next year.
“Two years was full of constraints due to the pandemic… so multiply our efforts in bringing them together through sports activities and engage them via student hospitality programs, job opportunities, convoys, entrepreneurship and so on. All this should color the Youth calendar for next year.
“For me, there is no reason for Kuala Langat Umno Youth not to move faster and more vigorously for 2022,” he said.
The Umno Supreme Council (MKT) had decided that all divisions, Women, Youth and Puteri Delegates Meeting would be on 11 and 12 December. The Divisional Delegates Meeting is slotted for December 18 December simultaneously in 191 divisions nationwide and will be officiated by their respective heads.
The party will hold its General Assembly on 13-15 January 2022 with limited attendance and partly to be conducted virtually.