Umno’s dilemma

UMNO is in an unprecedented position. The Prime Minister is from Umno but it does not control the Government.
When there were calls for the Prime Minister to reshuffle the cabinet, I am very sympathetic with him. Who else can he appoint to replace his failed Cabinet members. He does not have many options from among the existing MPs.
The public also knows that he inherited the Cabinet from the fallen PN Government. Almost all the contributors of the failed PN Government continue to be in the Ismail Sabri Government.

Who to get rid of and who to replace is very much subject to the support of their respective parties. Any miscalculation, they will attract support for the PM.
Blaming the Prime Minister for the significant weaknesses of the current Government is easy. But if we were in his position, maybe we would also have a hard time doing what we were supposed to do.
The Prime Minister does not understand how the people’s confidence in his Government is declining drastically. But his position of being heavily dependent on small parties in the present Government makes it very difficult for him.
The one hit is Umno and because of every weakness of the Government, Umno will receive not just the side effect of it but the people’s fury.
But Umno also cannot leave the Prime Minister alone. He is the representative of the party and he should be the voice of Umno. If he fails, the repercussion will be on Umno. The PM must understand this.
So Umno cannot allow this to continue. Because we do not want the people’s hatred of PH and PN before to reoccur, to bring down the Malaysian Family government again.
The party is working hard to find a strategy out of this crisis. But for now, this Umno dilemma will continue.
Vice President