KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 – Party members, especially in Johor must work hard to return the status of Johor as Umno’s stronghold again, said Vice-President Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

He said the best strategy is to explain to the people the Opposition’s failure in implementin their promises made during the 14th general election.

“I would like to remind members of our role to make Johor as Umno’s stronghold again.

“We will ensure that the people will not fall prey to PH lies and empty promises,” he said in a FB posting.

The Pasir Gudang division head said that as an experienced party, Umno/BN are now faced with many challenges after ruling the nation for 6 decades.

“We have a good track record in administering the country.

“That is why BN must regain the people’s mandate. Whatever the situation is, Pasir Gudang Umno is ready to notch victory in Johor Jaya and Permas state seats,” he said.