BN needs an integrated network for PRN

JOHOR BAHRU, Jan 26 – The integrated work of Barisan Nasional (BN) machinery is very important to face the election, including the Johor State Election (PRN), said it Deputy Chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.
He said the component parties need to know their role so that the party’s ability can be used in the best way to give victory to BN.
“We want to be seen as a machinery that is capable in all aspects, including Johor as there is a racial composition in every State Assembly (DUN) and Parliament. So the integrated work of the machinery is very important. I am confident that if implemented well, we can achieve victory,” he said at a press conference after attending a meeting between the BN chairman and all its liaison organisations.
Meanwhile, Mohamad who is also Umno Deputy President also informed that discussions on the candidates for the PRN have not been finalised.
“We are no longer at the point of discussing the candidates… let it be done in a good process, perhaps the important thing is to think of a formula on how to convince voters to give a mandate to BN.
“This is the main purpose why this PRN is called, that is to restore the people’s mandate to get a legitimate government. Johor is one of the states that has great function and responsibility to the country,” he said.