Call us names, we keep on rising

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 – Deputy President Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said Umno still rise despite being labelled unscrupulously.
The Barisan Nasional deputy chairman said the Johor State Election (PRN) is held for various strategic reasons and not because of certain ‘cluster’ in UMNO.
“The Johor Menteri Besar has valid reasons to secure a new mandate and its shouldn’t be question by other parties. He was given full trust by the party to advise the Johor Sultan accordingly to circumstances and needs, for the dissolution of the state assembly,” he said in a statement.
He chided those who associated it with Umno ‘cluster’ as irresponsible.
“It was invented by our enemies. Umno is not like them. There is no ‘wala’ to the President and no one in power decides everything. It is a party for all and not dominated by certain groups only.
“When Umno decided to withdraw support for Tan Sri Muhyiddin, only 12 MPs complied. That is how democratic we are. For those who call Umno with various titles, duck, goose, tiger and so on, suit youorself.”
As the largest Malay party, Umno will rise again because others are getting weaker.
“Without us, PAS also cannot be part of the Federal Government today. And PAS knows, without Umno it will not be able to remain part of the Government in the next general election.
“If PAS feels that BN is no longer relevant, let the people decide. And let them also decide whether PAS and PN are relevant or not,” said the PRN director.