Johor election: Stop pretending Hadi!

I’VE been following a FMT report dated 28 January 2022 which quoted Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang in a 6-minute video on his Facebook.
2. In his comment on Johor election (PRN), among matters he raised were:
a. PRN Johor is the agenda of the  ‘Court Cluster’ in Umno as well as those who are not appointed to the government office, and that they are only giving trouble to the people,
b. PAS as a party with a strength of 1 million members and 197 constituencies will not remain silent and have a counter strategy if Umno go ahead with the PRN, and
c. PAS supports PN, especially in inviting Bersatu to join Muafakat Nasional (MN) because it is an agenda for a plural society, not just to unite the Malays, unlike BN which is no longer relevant.
3. I respect Tan Sri’s view but I believe there are some very big errors and contradictions to his view.
First, PRN Johor has nothing to do with the Court Cluster. I agree for their issue to be settled at the Court. That is my stand, Umno and BN all this time.
5. The fact is, the Johor State Government previously stood with only 1 majority. Stop pretending. Accept the fact that such a position is a very weak and volatile.
6. So, the best way to regain a strong government, with a legitimate mandate, is through PRN. We cannot continue to have a government formed only by the manipulation of politicians who at the same time deny the people’s choice.
7. While Tan Sri and PAS may be fond of such an approach, it is immature and does not adhere to honest democratic principles.
8. Secondly, I acknowledge PAS supremacy. PAS is a big and very great party. Hopefully, the strength and greatness will be proven in the Johor PRN later.
9. I assure Tan Sri, Umno-BN will not try to ride on PAS and its 1 million members. But don’t scold us if we don’t want to cooperate with PAS strength. To be sure, we wish the best for PAS as a big, great and strong party in the Johor PRN later.
10. Thirdly, I have yet to understand how PN and PH can match BN’s pluralistic agenda, and what makes Tan Sri thinks BN is irrelevant.
11. In any case, in Tan Sri is serious to unite all parties under the pluralism of PN and Muafakat Nasional, I hope do not forget to also invite PAN and DAP together. Then it’s really compound.
Vice President