Let us move forward, says Khaled Nordin

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 – Vice-president Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said Umno’s ultimate mission is to move forward and leave all the bad episodes behind.
According to him, what will determine the victory of Barisan Nasional (BN) is the support of the multi-racial society, and that priority must be given to win them, especially in Johor.
“Pas continues to throw all threats, accusations and demeaning remarks against Umno. There is no point considering them anymore since our stance is clear.
“Only Pas does not know what it wants. It is difficult for the people to comprehend their betrayal just because of power and money. Our mission is to move forward and leave this episode,” he said in a FB podting.
He added that Umno’s friends in BN must understand this situation that their victory can no longer be attributed to Umno alone but they must come forward to convince non-Malay voters that BN must be restored as the government.
Increasing non-Malay support is paramount to achieve all that.
“It is not just appointing one or two non-Malay representatives in the government as an inclusive government. Inclusion must be based on pure and sincere intention, not staging a mock movie.
“The non-Malay community an important integral of Malaysia’s social, economic and political life. It is time for them to be part of the government and manage the state and the country together with Umno.
“BN is not perfect but it is definitely much better than PH and PN in safeguarding the political interests of non-Malays,” he said.