Johor Ikhtiar manifesto is implementable

JOHOR BAHRU, March 1 – The five main thrusts offered by Barisan Nasional (BN) through Ikhtiar BN Johor is something that can be implemented and not just a promise to win the hearts of the people, said BN Deputy Chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.
The manifesto, he said was an effort by BN to develop the economic well-being of the state and its people.
“It can be done… not just promise to win the hearts of the people.
“Johor used to be the main leader of economic growth in the country but unfortunately after 2018, Johor faltered due to political uncertainty and instability,” he said here, today.
Mohamad, who is also Johor State Election Director hopes that the Ikhtiar launched today will be presented to the people of Johor, thus helping the new state government to continue working and stabilize the political situation and further prosper the people.

Meanwhile, speaking in Mahap, Mohamad said the BN machinery will continue to work harder to secure victory on March 12 voting.
He said the local machinery is well established and skilled in the intricacies of the voters and the area, assisted by the state BN machinery.
“We are here to help the local machinery. They are is well established but many more things needed such as contacting outside voters and most importantly the entry of new voters into the large voter register in all areas of Johor.”