Come up with a reliable forecast – Mohamad

MERSING, March 8 – With three days left for campaigning in the Johor State Election, Barisan Nasional is told to come up with a reliable forecast of seat it could win on March 12 polling.
Barisan Nasional deputy chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan said it must be based on the vast geographical situation in Johor and the diverse distribution of the population.
“Previously in Melaka, it was very clear that 23 seats (State Assembly-DUN) out of the 28 seats contested were mostly Malay voters, so it was easy to make predictions. However, in Johor, the population strata is totally different.
“Another factor is that, this is the first time automatic voters will go to the ballot paper. I think there are 750,000 of them, means a DUN consists of at least 6,000 new voters. Other places do have between 30,000 to 40,000 first-time voters,” he said here, today.
According to Mohamad, BN will hold a ‘dry run’ for the second time tomorrow to help the party makes forecast more accurate.