7 factors why you must choose BN – Zahid

JOHOR BAHRU, March 11 – BN chairman Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi outlines seven factors why the Johorians should vote for Barisan Nasional in the March 12 state election.
In a Facebook posting, he said:

“These seven aspects are just some of the factors why we must consider BN as the most powerful, strong and stable option.”

These are:
BN is a party with good experience and administrative record. Some say it’s not important. Let’s experiment it, if I’m wrong, it’s okay. Change everything later, they said. Is this really the right thinking? We have seen the effects after GE14. Experience is the determinant of everything.
BN is a party that does not punish and take revenge. When we rule, we don’t take an approach like PH. Everything that BN does should be stopped, postponed and eliminated. BN will not chuck off everything that is good for the people, even if it is started by another party. Remember the High Speed ​​Rail (HSR) canceled by PH?
This is the time for us to reconnect anything that was interrupted. We have missed a lot. Some compare us to Singapore. Yet they forget, Singapore is advanced and at the forefront because its development agenda has never been stunted by the experimental and failed drama of government change.
BN is a party that cares for the people. That is why many of our agendas and programs are scooped up by our opponents. Even our manifesto is also used as a platform for them to make new offers and determination.
BN is a party that will not dustbin characters and privileges of Malaysia. BN understands the importance of religious and cultural life. BN does not say that some races are lazy or with allegations that religious education is not important, or nationalism courses in universities only make it difficult, as said the opposition party.
BN highlights many young people. In fact, about 70% of BN candidates in Johor are new and about 26% of them are women. In fact, BN fielded inclusive candidates from various racial and religious backgrounds. This feature is also trying to be highlighted by other parties and alliances. But there is nothing comparable to BN.
BN is the party that came down to Johor PRN with a complete agenda and a clear MB candidate. We do not wait until after polling day to negotiate who the MB candidate is. This is a critical matter needs to be addressed. If they are not confident with a potential candidate the beginning of their campaign, I don’t think they are ready to govern the state. – UMNO Online