Anniversary: Leaders hope for party relevance

PARTY leaders express hope that Umno will continue its relevancy at all times. On its 76th anniversary, they are also confident that the party will come back to power in the next general election.
Its Deputy President Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan says Umno should have its own charm in accordance with the passage of time.
“In order to face the challenges of the future, we must formulate a strategy to ensure the survival of Umno in defending the fate of religion, race and country.
“Embrace new methods because we need new ideas, effective and extraordinary thinking in navigating the Malaysian political landscape, which has become very complex.
“From where will we find all this, if not from all Malay stakeholders. Therefore, in conjunction with our meeting today, let’s work together and make it a culture in Umno,” he says.
He said this at the opening of the Umno Aspirations Discourse entitled ‘Bearing the Struggle, Facing the Challenges’ at the party headquarters, today.
On the same note, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob hopes the party will continue to be strong in protecting the entire community in this country.
He who is party vice-president also says all members will stick together in the struggle for religion, race and homeland.
“Today, it is 76 years since Umno has become a platform for the Malay struggle to serve the entire community regardless of race.
“To all members, together we continue the struggle to uphold religion, race and homeland. Congratulations on Umno’s 76th anniversary.”
The premier is currently in a working visit to the United States (US).
Meanwhile, party Treasurer Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says Umno was formed for the sake of religion, race and country. That is the main thing and should continue to be pinned and appreciated by the younger generation.
“Umno is not a party that was set up because it is crazy about power, it is not a party that is upright because it wants to fill its own pockets or cronies, nor is it a party that was set up by people who jumped because they could not get what they wanted.
“If that is the perception about Umno, then it is very deviant because the establishment of Umno is based on identity, the basis of struggle and strong unity that is relevant throughout the ages. That is probably why some parties try to make Umno a stepping stone for certain interests but they collapsed.
“Umno has a long history. The story of the nation’s struggle against the colonialists, pioneering the spirit of nationalism, forming a clash from all over Malaya, demanding the sovereignty of the homeland and wanting Islam to be upheld.”
Wanita Chief Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad expresses her gratitude for the value of the struggle of the party which is always consistent in defending the fate of the people.
She said in continuing the struggle for 76 years since the establishment of this party, the leaders, especially members have become supporters in proving that Umno continues to be relevant to this day.
“I would like to wish Umno Happy Birthday… alhamdulillah it remains until now and is more enthusiastic,” she says.
Youth Chief, Datuk Asyraf Dusuki says Umno is a platform for struggle.
“Yes, Umno is not perfect because its supporters are just ordinary human beings who are not immune from mistakes.
“However, the defeat that is destined is a wisdom and a lesson for us to realize how much power is the great trust of the ummah that cannot be ignored.
“A trust that cannot be violated by the greed of lust for power, the confusion of the intellect and the greed of many things.”
Meanwhile, his deputy who is also Information Chief Shahril Hamdan says the party must continue to be strong and powerful in the struggle to continue to give confidence and gain the trust of Malaysians.
“Umno as the oldest political party in the country and has gone through a process of maturity, the last 4 years have given us space to transform and is able to distinguish who are our friends and opponents.
“To members, always remain thoughtful and continue to bring our ranks closer to face all the challenges ahead.
“Hopefully, we will continue to be the bastion of the country as well as drive the party’s struggle to bring Malaysia forward.”