‘PN and PH are the ones crazy for power’

SEREMBAN, 22 July – Umno is not power-crazy as alleged by certain parties just because it sometimes didn’t agree with the government.
Information Chief Shahril Hamdan described it ‘crap’ and rubbish.
“They (PH and PN) are the ones who are crazy for power.
“Perikatan Nasional is certainly crazy for power because of many unhealthy political tactics to dupe the people, especially during Covid-19, not Umno. PH is worst because since the 12th General Election until today, it keeps on claiming of having enough MPs’ support to form a new government. Are we like them?”
“They will attack Umno in run-up to the next general election. Don’t let them get away with it,” he said when closing the 15th General Election (GE) speakers’ seminar program, here, today.
Shahril who is also the Deputy Head of Umno Youth hoped that party members are able to respond to such attacks.
“We have a script of how to respond to attacks from the Opposition… so use it. Those who don’t like the President will attack the President and those who don’t like the Prime Minister will attack him.”