Stay focus to win general election – Khaled

WINNING the next general election is the main focus for Umno now.
The existing government is interim. This is reality. Everyone understands it. Ultimately, we must find a way out of this temporary situation for the sake of national stability through democratic elections.
To win the election and get a new mandate, the party must unite with only one direction. That direction is the direction of Umno. Not the direction of the President, not the direction of the PM. Not the direction of any group or cluster.
For this direction to be successful, all factions in Umno must come together. Don’t follow all the scheming, arguing, politicking that only weakens us.
True, we will not be able to agree on everything. But not because of differences of opinion, we choose to split. That’s wrong.
Umno’s support for the Prime Minister must be wholehearted. Similarly, the Prime Minister’s support to the President and the party must be comprehensive. Both must reinforce each other.
The Prime Minister must be the voice of Umno and the President must be the spokesperson of the nation. Only in this way, the Government and the party continue to be in the same direction.
Interest groups out there are very happy when Umno is divided. Because a weak Umno will be easily defeated. And what’s more satisfying than succeeding in seeing the biggest party falters?
Denying Umno has internal friction is a lie. But the shift is normal in politics. Don’t let it become a rift and division that harms Umno.
Remember, frogs pass by in a tangle. Then all go back to Umno’s direction, which has been the reason for all of us to be in politics.
Umno is our vessel to serve and sow goodness all this time. The function never stops. No one is bigger than it.