GE passes motion of no contest for top posts

A MOTION not to have any contest for the posts of Umno president and deputy president has been passed at the party’s general assembly at the World Trade Centre, today.

The motion was proposed yesterday to ensure the two incumbents will not be challenged at the upcoming Umno elections, which must be held by May 19.

It had been reported that Umno was split on whether a contest for the top two posts should be held, with some saying it risks dividing the party, and others arguing that it would allow president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and his deputy Mohamad Hasan to prove that they have the support of the grassroots.

Zahid had previously said he would leave it to the delegates to decide whether the two posts should be contested.

The motion was passed through a voice vote. Following this, delegates who opposed the motion were also asked to stand.