Muafakat Nasional: Embrace the good values

REALISE it or not, Ramadan is coming to an end, it will be sorely missed as Syawal closes in for Aidilfitri celebration. The question is, what was our achievement during the fasting month of Ramadan?

Do we feel the positive changes and values to ourselves and family? Was this Ramadan the best thus far in our life?

How beneficial it is to those who follow its path and being forgiven by God The Almight? It will be a big loss to those who defy it.

Aidilfitri symbolises victory for those who managed to defeat the urge of fulfilling the needs of their soul, hunger, thirst and greed. Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz once said, “Aidilfitri is not just wearing new clothing but being afraid of the aftermath.”

This year, we celebrate Aidilfitri in a new normal atmosphere, totally different from the previous ones. City folks have to be apart with their parents in kampungs. Cross state boundaries are not permitted while only 20 guests are allowed during inter-visit at all houses.

I am sure that such a new normal will not dampen the spirit of Aidilfitri. Kids in new dress, ‘ketupat, ‘rendang’ on the table, kerosene lamps that light up a house compound, children playing fireworks and the tradition of giving out cash token are still in practice. The only difference is it is celebrated during the Movement Control Movement (MCO) imposed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aidilfitri instill good faith among us. Fitrah or tithe is closely related to HANIF, a character subscribing to good deeds and are always against devilish conduct. The Prophet said: “Good deeds bring us calmness and tranquility. Sins make us not at ease and uncontrolled worries”. (HR Ahmad).

Inclination for good deed is ‘fitrah’, not only in ibadah, charity and helping those in needs but also in positive individual pose, healthy relations with the community or organisation and with Allah in celebrating Aidilfitri.

The political cooperation between UMNO and PAS in Muafakat Nasional (MN) symbolises unity which puts the peoples’ predicaments above anything else. Although there are individuals or sect of the community who belittle MN, labeling it as temporary and will demise, forgotten and other bad dispositions. Believe me, if the struggle is based on good platforms, we will meet the objectives.

It is a common norm that this struggle meets with many oppositions. As Allah SWT said: “Those who (against you) are those who worship (luxury and comfort) which will not last, and those who turned their back (on true teachings) will be punished severely hereafter”. (Al-Insan verse 27).

Tolerance is the key to avoid confrontation and disunity. Loggerheads and not willing to give in and refusing to listen to others will only bring about conflicts and negative bearings on the organisation.

History has proven how tolerance had enabled Islam to improvised in Spain and contributed to the well being of the people.

In conjunction with Aidilfitri, I urge all levels of UMNO to return to the basic of struggle which are truth, good deeds and unity. Should there are misunderstanding or so, settle it amicably together.

Tolerance has been with UMNO for so long, and must not be misunderstood as it will be detrimental to the party.

May we gain and learn from this Ramadan, and let us flourish Muafakat Nasional with all the good values. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAF ZAHID & BATIN.