Do not meddle with Malaysia’s sovereignty

SOME people were expecting my stance on the 90 foreign MPs statement on emergency and the suspended Parliament. They are namely from ASEAN countries Thailand, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Cambodia, the Philippines and Singapore.
The ASEAN Member of Parliament for Human Rights (APHR) claimed that the Malaysian Proclamation of Emergency did not meet international standards.
My stance on this matter is this – that Malaysia is a sovereign country and it is not appropriate for any outside party to interfere in our internal affairs.
Barisan Nasional has always consistently rejected the intervention of foreign powers in the administration and politics of the country. Outsiders are not confined to the government or leadership of other countries but their NGOs and foreign media as well.
However, in the issue of 90 ASEAN MPs urging the Malaysian Parliament to reconvene, it may involve a more universal context, namely democracy in ASEAN. The democratic system in one of ASEAN countries. Parliament which has a key position in the has been suspended.
We still remember the purpose and principles immortalized in the ASEAN Charter which was also agreed by Malaysia, namely the compliance by member countries. We are also concerned that this issue will not only affect Malaysia’s bilateral relations with ASEAN member countries but its economy in the region.
It was Malaysia who proposed an ASEAN economic recovery plan at the ASEAN Special Conference on COVID-19, April last year.
I just hope that if possible, the 90 MPs will not only focus on the question of democracy in Malaysia. There are other ASEAN country also grappling with the issue of democracy after the coup mounted by the military junta.
Please note as well.
UMNO President