Party elections postponed 18 months

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 – The Supreme Working Council has agreed to postpone all branches, divisions and the Council for 18 months with effect from June 30 this year.

Secretary-General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan said in a statement that Article 10.16 of Umno Constitution states ‘the Council has every right to postpone the election not more than 18 months from the actual date set’.


June 30 will be exactly 3 years after the previous elections and a new one must be called.

“However, the Council meeting previously has sanctioned the party to refer it to the National Security Council (MKN) and the RoS for advise amid the Covid-19 pandemic plaguing the nation.

“I have met personally with the MKN director-general, the Health DG and wrote to the RoS DG. I received their replies on May 10 (Health DG), June 2 (RoS DG) and the MKN on June 11.”

The Health Ministry and the MKN have suggested for Umno to hold its election virtually but if it cannot be done online, it must be postponed to a defered date when the pandemic is under control.

“Please note that it involves 66,287 meetings with 3.3 million members participation, namely:

Branches : 21,135 meetings

Wanita branches : 21,058 meetings

Youth branches : 15,496 meetings

Puteri branches : 8,58 meetings

Grand total : 66,287 meetings.

“There are also 764 divisional delegates conferences involving 4 wings, and it must be held simultaneously within 2 weeks. Of course it is quite a tight schedule to hold the 4 wings conference simultaneously due to MCO,” he said.

For the record, Umno has never conducted such meetings online and there might be technical hiccups, especially in rural areas.

“Nevertheless, the branch, division and General Assembly 2021 will still be organised with 1/4 quorum (25 per cent attendees), including virtually. Should there be elections, the 1/4 attendance is difficult to observe because all 3.3 million members have rights to vote.”

The Pontian MP also said the Management Meeting proposed to the Supreme Working Council that the 4-wing meeting (without election) must be between August 15 and September 30.