It’s a new political paradigm – Khaled

THE understanding reached by the Prime Minister and Pakatan Harapan (Opposition) leadership to work together in resolving the country’s welfare is the beginning of a very positive political era.
2. This mutual agreement came just three days after the Prime Minister expressed his readiness to work with all parties and ideologies in the spirit of the Malaysian Family.
3. Malaysian politics can no longer be in the old notch. The new paradigm in the practice of our democracy must be more flexible, open and progressive.
4. Prejudice against the opposition must end. Similarly, negative perceptions of the government must change.
5. All are important partners in a healthy democracy and better governance.
6. I hope the major steps initiated by the Prime Minister will be respected and abided by both sides of the political divide.
7. Malaysia belongs to all. It is the homeland for all and we must agree on it.
8. We stand as one in unity.