Self-reflection in victory – Shahril Hamdan

THE victory yesterday is a new boost to our spirit in BN. The joy still lingers on this morning and cannot be described by words.

Kudos to all Umno leadership and machinery and deep inside we also acknowledge the opponents’ contribution to the victory.

Merely less than half an hour after the final announcement, undeniably there were many prophecies and summaries, especially its significant to the political scenarion.

Initially, I just want to remind all we should be pragmatic and reliable about it.

  1. Not to be over carried and belittle others, especially in making statements about the victory. This is most important.


2. Coming out with indepth analysis on the victory on our side, the opponents and voters. A postmortem is not only paramount when we lost but in winning too as to avoid making mistakes in the future.

Had there been one on our defeat, there must be one on victory. The contributing factors must be determined, studied and applied again next time. The history in PRK Sungai Besar, Kuala Kangsar and GE14 must remain at heart as there are lesson from it. Avoid its recurrence. Our approach and narrative must go on. Beef up. Not wrong at all to stay in a ‘pursuit’ mode instead of being in comfort zone.

3. Focus on our manifesto, notably the ones on 100-day implementation. No better remedy for success rather than having credibility in the eyes of the public.

Hopefully all our efforts would bring about success not only for the party but prosperity to the nation and its people.

Congratulations to the Chief Minister, those to be made excos and the rest of the Representative.


Ketua Penerangan UMNO