Flood and Covid-19 aid must meet requirement

PUCHONG, Jan 3 –  Secretary-General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan lauded the government assistance, especially for the flood victims.

However, he said those affected were also hoping for other aid, notably faced with the Covid-19 pandemic.


“Additional assistance announced by the government recently is very much appreciated but more are expected.

“The people are now getting worried with the new Omicron since not only those hit by flood are affected… if we read comments in the social media, there are still those fighting Covid-19 out there.

“In this aspect, we need a balance in attending to the woos of the flood victims and those infected by the pandemic,” he said at Kampung Tengah Puchong to lead Umno HQ’s Volunteer Team for the flood victims. Also present was Puchong Umno Division head Datuk Mohamed Satim Diman.

Commenting on the relief effort, the Pontian Member of Parliament said Umno has mobilised a nationwide action to aid the people.

“Not only Umno but it involves Skuad Sayang and Sabil and also Puteri. We are also involved in cleaning up houses and premises and clearing all the rubbish,” he said.