Amendment is for stability, says Umno President

KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 – Party Pesident Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the amendment to the party’s constitution is significant for stability and the dignity of Umno in preparing heirs in the future.
It also prepares and strengthen the party in run-up to the 15th general election, expected to be held sometimes this year.
“What is the meaning of the stability agenda that we offer to the people if our own party is not at peace. The party is divided, there are factions and groups that ultimately harm us all.

“Remember, we won’t let Umno in a mess. Also bear in mind that we do not want to see the party split as it will only land us in a rickety,” he said when delivering a speech at the party’s extraordinary meeting here, today.

In the Melaka and Johor State Elections (PRN), he said the party had offered stability as a guarantee for prosperity and the well being of the people.
“Stability is very important. The history of Umno demonstrates how the Constitution and Rules have gone through a series of amenment. It is done to suit the current situation, as well as to curb internal problems that can have adverse on its struggle.
“We have seen three amendments to the party Constitution since 1990. After the ‘big clash’ in 1987, the then president suggested that the party introduce a system of 10 bonus votes, for each nomination for the post of President and Deputy President.
“Finally, the party has amended the Constitution, including the 10-vote bonus system as one of the methods in the election.
“After the 1993 election, the 10 bonus votes was still ineffective to stabilise the party. In 1998, it was amended again by introducing a nomination quota system for the party’s highest positions. However, in retrospect, based on current needs and assessing the changes in the country’s political pattern, it was amended again in 2009 to open up candidancy.
“With the amendment, the voting power is no longer in the hands of 2,510 delegates at the General Assembly but is extended to the divisional delegation level, involving a total of 146,500 people. This move has put Umno ahead in democratic election,” he said.
Zahid was responsible in proposing an open contest to all party posts, including the president and deputy president.
“However, in the June 2018 election, 30 years after the presidential seat was not contested since 1988, I myself, who was then carrying out the duties of the President, proposed that all party positions be contested. The proposal was agreed to by the Members of the Supreme Working Council.
“These are the phases that are happening in Umno that makes us special and most democratic.”