When PH manifesto master dodges the people…

A FEW weeks ago, PN said they were dissapointed with a meeting with Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.
Disappointed not because they have better ideas for the country or the economy but disappointed with perks and positions.
PM met with PN representatives on 4 August 2022. Wan Saiful missed the news and ranted on 5 August 2022 claiming that PM was a dodger for ‘cancelling’ the meeting. The fact is, PM met their representatives a day earlier.
So there was a meeting after all. The PM even issued a statement after the meeting. They exchanged views. Mr PM emphasized that now is the time to focus on solving people’s issues and restoring the economy. That’s what the people want.
Today Wan Saiful is raving again. He said that the ‘lunch meeting’ was not valid and contains no merit.
What nonsense was he talking? I want to ask PPBM, what exactly do they want? Being pampered?
Wan Saiful was rude and went overboard for:
1) Accusing the PM of being afraid to meet PN.
(If the PM is afraid, will he say that the Government is ready to hold the GE if any party withdraws or ‘presses the button’?)
2) Dragging the LCS issue.
(He cited such a reason for Mr PM being ‘afraid’ to meet up with PN. What has that gotta do with it?)
For the record, Mr PM and other Umno representatives are all on the same page, that they wanted to find out as to whether weak governance has caused the delay. If investigation shows that someone was of any wrongdoing, he should face the music regardless of which party they are. (Bear in mind, Wan Saiful… its from any party. Those in PPBM used to be with Umno).
3) Wan Saiful said the PM deceived the people about the meeting.
First, the people don’t care about PPBM and TPM drama.
Second, it is quite funny that this question of tricking the people comes from the author of the Pakatan Harapan manifesto.
Information Chief