PH not ready to face GE15, says Zahid Hamidi

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 – Decision by three states under PH, namely Kedah, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor not to dissolve their respective legislatives in the 15th general election is a proof how they are not ready to face the people again, says Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Describing them as afraid over their empty promise when they rule the country for 22 months, he says they were actually looking for new demeaning tactics to woo the voters again.

“The people won’t be gullible anymore. They have learnt their lesson and they know what PH is. This is what petrifies and haunts PH,” he says in a FB posting.

The Bagan Datuk MP also says that PH heavy defeat in Melaka and Johor state elections is even more worrisome for them.

“More and more who voted for them in GE14 have turned their back on them.”