Tajuddin Rahman hopes Umno readmit him

FORMER Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has reportedly expressed hope that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will keep his promise to readmit former Umno members whose memberships were suspended.

Tajuddin, who was also a former member of the Umno Supreme Council, reportedly said that any previous disputes between them should be set aside and those loyal to the party, especially himself, should be welcomed back.

“People fight, even husbands and wives fight. Even the tongue can get bitten, let alone among leaders and Umno members. The wounds of the past should have healed by now, how much longer would it take?

“I believe that president Ahmad Zahid, whom I know well – as someone who has helped me and I have helped him as well – remembers all of that,” he was quoted saying by Malaysia Gazette.

“Unless, of course, I am no longer of any use to the party,” he added.

Yesterday, the Pasir Salak Umno Women’s wing passed a motion urging the party’s Supreme Council to revoke Tajuddin’s suspension during its meeting.

Long-time member Tajuddin has been lobbyig to be reinstated, telling news portal Malaysiakini last week that he is committed to the party and wants to play an active role again.