UMNO Welcomes Latheefa Koya Statement

STATEMENT by the new MACC Commissioner that all respondents in a civil case as awarded to MACC by the court on Wednesday can now file their counter affidavit, is welcome and is in line with the existing law.

The statement is paramount since there are still unclear comprehension by some parties, who in turn tried to politicised the issue.

This is not political. It is a matter of the law and UMNO is lending its cooperation to the MACC with respect to the Rule of Law.

We would once again reiterate that UMNO as a registered political party had never dealt with 1MDB, let along accepting any illegal funds from the company.

As Malaysians, we let the law to take its due course, hoping that it will be carried out fairly and observing the Rule of Law and in accordance with justice. All parties must acknowledge this.
As mentioned by Latheefa Koya, UMNO will file its counter affidavit in court. A legal team has been appointed for this matter.

As UMNO’s Secretary-General, I have read the content of the affidavit filed by the MACC and understand it. UMNO has no problem whatsoever to file a counter affidavit, that the account which is under freeze contains money from legal sources and not from 1MDB.

Now it is up to the court to justify it. UMNO will follow up the case in proper manner, In Sha Allah.

Tan Sri Annuar Musa
UMNO Secretary-General

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