Zakir Naik, Malaysian Diversiy And Human Rights

DIVERSITY is Malaysia’s strength. The harmonious living of different faith and race is the pillar to the country. Whoever tries to stir the healthy environment will face the consequences.

If there is any truth to Zakir Naik’s speech in Kota Bharu recently which was deemed as seditious and could harm the peace, he too is subjected to legal action.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed as stipulated in the Federal Constitution. However, it is not totally legitimate. Regardless of the person is an ulama or even a statesman, he will have to face the law should he try to make provocative remarks on the status and nationality of certain race or ethnic.

To Zakir Naik, you have been treated nicely in Malaysia. Being an honourable preacher, it is your duty to be level-headed enough in showing good Islamic examples for all.

If you do the otherwise, you must not blame the Malaysia government for any actions taken against you.

However, the calls to expel Zakir Naik must be attended to wisely. Hence, Tun Mahathir is trapped in a very difficult situation.

If he doesn’t expel Zakir, he will be seen as subscribing to Zakir’s seditious remarks, thus showing disrespect to certain race in Malaysia. Should Zakir is sent home, his life will be in danger. In this manner, we must weigh the situation rationally.

Notwithstanding how blasé we are with Zakir’s certain statement, justice can only be arrived at should his human rights are guaranteed. It is not to be compromised, and in that aspect, Malaysia is responsible to act in accordance with international law.

The Prime Minister needs to find balance between national interest, Zakir’s human rights aspect and the political stand of multiracial Malaysia. We hope for the best from him.

Dato Seri Haji Mohamad bin Haji Hasan
UMNO Deputy President

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