Muafakat Nasional Steers Malaysian Politics



1. Alhamdulillah. We converge here again to continue our struggle in the name of our religion, race and nation. I am indeed impressed with the attendees’ high spirit and appearance to this assembly, reflecting their eagerness to uphold what is entrusted to them.

2. Let me also welcome our true friends from MCA and MIC, and our newest comrade, PAS. Not forgetting the loyal friends of Barisan Nasional, supporters of Muafakat Nasional, NGOs, media practitioners, brothers and sisters. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to excellencies the high commissioners and ambassadors of the Diplomatic Corps for being presence today.

3. Our appreciation goes out to the UMNO veterans who are with us. To those who have left us, let us recite the Al-Fatehah to them. Al-Fatehah.

4. Let me begin by congratulating Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri wings for concluding their annual conference yesterday.

5. Similar preferring also goes to all Divisional and Branch meetings, which saw encouraging attendance. Thank you to all State Liasion Chairman for the success in organizing their respective convention. All resolutions will be reviewed by a committee in efforts to strengthen the party.

6. Special appreciation to those who have contributed endlessly to the movement, namely the Youth and Puteri, BN volunteers, Wanita Umno and Muslimat PAS, Pemuda UMNO and Pemuda PAS, Puteri UMNO and Ameerah PAS, the Sabil and Amal squads and others. Our thanks also go out to local and foreign students who have shown their strong commitment and determination toward us.

7. Let me also register my appreciation to all party workers for working hard to win the four by-elections, namely Cameron Highlands, Semenyih, Rantau and Tanjung Piai being the latest. My gratitude to all State Liasion chairmans and Division Heads for adopting all voters centers. ‘Salam 15 ribu to Tanjung Piai voters!’

8. Yes, time really flies. It was only 14 months ago when I delivered my maiden speech as the party President, in which I have outlined 7 major steps and 21 action plans for the party. Alhamdulillah, it is constantly under implementation.

9. We have implemented various changes and improvements to UMNO as to constitute it as a party that upholds Islam, the Malay interest and national unity, which guarantees a prosperous and a stable nation. Be ensured that a peaceful Malaysia will benefit all citizens.

10. UMNO will ensure that the people’s interest and rights are well-preserved to the just of the judiciary and in accordance of the Parliamentary Democracy.

11. I do understand that never before had UMNO became an Opposition, and without prior experience it is not prepared to become one. Nevertheless, we respect the people’s decision in the last general election when they rejected us based on slanders and lies. However, Allah The Almighty says in Surah Ali-Imran verses

If good touches you, it distresses them; but if harm strikes you, they rejoice at it. And if you are patient and fear Allah, their plot will not harm you at all. Indeed, Allah is encompassing of what they do.

Dear colleagues,

12. I have instructed the Supreme Council members to review some provisions to the party Constitution in order to make UMNO more presentable to the narrative of new politics. We had also made two new appointments as to enhance and strengthen UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

13. The appointments of Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah as chairman of UMNO Advisory Board and Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak as chairman of BN Advisory Panel denotes our sincere approach in wresting the experienced leaders to contributing ideas and views for the party. Our objective is only one – to win!

14. Some provisions involving the status of Pergerakan Wanita, associate members, Sabah political autonomy and others will be tabled by the Chairman of Amendment Committee Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin this evening. The amendments are not for anyone’s political interest but to elevate UMNO in light of the current political scenario.

15. Under democracy, the people are the deciding factor for the survival of any political parties. Hence, they are the ones who will decide on UMNO. We bear the full responsibility to make adjustments to the party if we want it to stay relevant and on course with their aspirations and needs.

16. In line with all these, UMNO must accelerate on the renewal of values, ideology and political idea. We used to fall bequeath to the mentality of the 20th Century which has seen the erosion of ideas and values. Politics of power centric, popularity and elite groups, gratefulness and others, must be contained.

17. On the contrary, UMO must always be ready and alert, by distancing itself from such negative values, enabling it to march on in tandem with the presence onslaughts. Modernisation has brought about changes to the traditional Malays, now turning them into an open society with different paradigm. If the rural Malays were once the ardent supporters of UMNO, they have declined to just 20 per cent today. This is what UMNO needs to redress in order for it to embrace the modernization process and attending it with candor.

18. UMNO is ours! If we want to stay relevant, UMNO must translate all policies and action plans to fit into the people’s plate. Each and every UMNO member must be aware of the people’s predicaments and desires. In us they will seek solace, we are their spokesman.

19. As the Opposition, UMNO’s transformation must be in tandem with politics of the 21st Century. Its political modernization is no more an option but a must. There is no two ways about it.

20. In that essence, two new political modernization for the 21th Century will be instilled to UMNO, namely the Political Resilience and Political Equilibrum.

21. So, what is political resilience? It warrants UMNO to strengthen and fortify its position by having a strong and formidable force which withstand materialistic and political offerings. Of course, we are being pinned down in all corners which sometimes bend us down. However, in facing the dynamical political world, all these must be changed for better. UMNO must change to build a political resilience as to remain relevant.

22. UMNO needs to embark on constructing a force rich with political flavors based on the party Constitution. We must embrace value changes, the strengthening of ideology and new political dimension.

23. In preparing the party to be always up-to-date and relevant, its political resistant must be built not only by changes to attitude and mindset but in terms of technological evolution. Leaders at all levels need to keep abreast with the technological advancement of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Once UMNO meets the criterion of the real time politics, this will become the new deal for the people.

24. I do hope that this extraordinary resilience and resistance are maintained and fortified in facing the 15th General Election. March On! Let’s fortify our resistance and resilience in ensuring UMNO continues to be progressive, dynamic and relevant.

Brothers and Sister,

25. UMNO needs a political equilibrium to neutralize the cult politics in Malaysia now. UMNO is not a rigid, racist and a too liberal party – ‘La Ifrata’ wala Tafrit’. We must adopt politics of equilibrium or a balanced politics which protects the rights of the non-Malays, openness and administering the nation according to the Federal Constitution and the Social Contract.

Berasaskan kepada ketegasaan
apabila hak kita dicabar,
apabila keamanan kita digugat,
apabila keharmonian kita dirobek,
apabila kedaulatan kita dipersenda,
kita bangkit mempertahankannya!!!!!

Ingatlah!!! Tunduk kepala bukan untuk dipijak.
Berlembut bukan untuk diperbodohkan.

Brothers and Sister,

26. UMNO transformation in on-going, in line with the political quest of the 21st Century. We must learn from the fall of some world’s dominant parties in the ‘Grand Old Party’. Some have demised. Some were beaten but met their revival. For eternal footing, UMNO needs to come up with a new political narrative if it wishes to stay relevant in domestic and international politics.

27. September 14, 2019 marked a historic event when the Penyatuan Ummah Charter was founded and inked. Although this holistic approach might fall apart for its rigidness, the Muafakat Nasional was extracted from it, all praise to Allah The Almighty. Since then, Muafakat Nasional will be a new deal for the people and will offer a million potentials that had never crossed our mind before.

28. Thanks to Allah, our dream to see the unification of the Malays is met, with no intention to sideline other races.

From the extract of Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom’s prayers or doa during HPU914, which means,

(will see) No more rivalry,
No more confrontations,
No more feuds,
Son and Father walk together again,
In-laws and families come together again,
imam and makmum return to their saf,
all come as one to Your holy command.”

29. Thank you. Thank you to the people, notably the Malays, for you are the intense energy to the birth of Muafakat Nasional. It begins with the people, and it is for them to defend it. Without the people, Muafakat Nasional will never be realised.

30. When we saw the convergence of thousands of people in white attire, it symbolised how this ‘muafakat’ was based on piousness, faith and sincerity, that it is blessed by Allah S.W.T.

30. Muafakat Nasional is where the political equilibrium takes into account the needs to protect the rights of all. Even though the Malays will form the pillar, the interest of the Chinese, India, Iban, Kadazan and others will be taken care of and be protected. An Arabic saying, Nahnu Du’at La Qudhat which means ‘we are your partner, not a punisher’. I reiterate, Nahnu Du’at La Qudhat.

31. In fact, Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy, the former Yang Dipertua of PAS, used to say that “Nationalism of the Malays is based on a broad range of inner judgements, not on narrow and stubborn mind, and let alone based on its chauvinist and isolated mind. This is what we meant by politics of equilibrium.

32. Under Muafakat Nasional, we will not change the government through the widely-open back door. Although the front and back doors are flung open now, we will enter from the front. We will chart our own government in accordance with the Federal Constitution. In preparing ourselves for the 15th GE, there are still a lot of things that need to be done in Muafakat Nasional.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

33. In the history of Rasulullah SAW , the Hudaibiyah Treaty was the pinnacle that tested the loyalty of leaders and followers, when some strategical non-popular decisions were made. Rasulullah’s decision to accept the Hudaibiyah Treaty was seen as rejecting the eagerness of his warriors to enter Mekah and make war. But in reality, his decision was a turning point to the spread of Islamic empire worldwide.

34. The Treaty is also a good precedent of how Rasulullah generated a politics of equilibrium which recognized the interest and the rights if other faiths. This politics was founded in Madinah. It is by this principle that justice and rule of law were established and fully observed in Madinah, and Madinah was not built for complication.

35. The first acid test for Muafakat Nasional came in the form of Tanjung Piai parliamentary by-election. It provided us with many lessons and became a yardstick for the Chinese and non-Malay support for BN and Muafakat Nasional.

36. BN’s stunning victory with a majority of 15,086 votes is a proof that Muafakat Nasional is above any other ideologies. UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, Friends of BN, Veteran UMNO, MUBARAK, NGO, senior figures and volunteers worked as one for the victory. It also quashed away allegations that the coordination of the two most largest Malay parties is racist to the extent they were labelled as ‘Taliban’.

Dear guests, brothers and friends,

37. The victory also proves that Muafakat Nasional is getting a wider recognition from the multireligion and multiracial community as a new political narrative for the country. It will be tough for BN and Muafakat Nasional to maintan this winning streak. Always remember that it is not easy to win, let alone defending the victory.

38. What worries us is that, the current government has said that they will not change or alter the Federal Constitution. It is true indeed, but the administration itself is doing things which inclines to eroding the Constitution. They are carrying it out in discreet and cunningly, and in such a way perceived as arm-twisting to the interest and rights of the Malays.

39. The government too is facing a bigger dilemma. The liberalists, anti-Malay and anti-Islam, communist sympathisers and the socialists are riding on PH victory to bring down the status quo in our country.

Dari Cameron Highlands ke Tanjung Piai,
Singgah sebentar membeli buah,
Daripada hidup bercermin bangkai,
Baik mati berkalang tanah.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

40. Political power is the key to the Malay survival and their next generations as the original race of Nusantara. Without one, we will end up being a subject of their dictation. Muafakat Nasional will offer a new political narrative as it is not an ordinary cooperation.

41. Muafakat Nasional does not promise the moon and stars to entice support of the people, like the Pakatan Harapan. An Arab old saying, ‘Bul ala ZamZam, fatu’raf’ or ‘Urinate at the ZamZam, and you will be famous’. That’s exactly what they are doing now. In presence day, the people are not only neglected but with no shoulder to cry on. It is in Muafakat Nasional that they seek solace.

Brothers and Sisters,

42. It is rather tormenting to note that despite rejecting communism, and after more than 10,000 members of the national security forces were killed, the ideology rises again to the glorification of some quarters in the administration today.
43. Rekindling the years of communist insurgency, many were burnt alive, pregnant women were mutilated, some heads were blown apart, the sacks were full of bodies and others were torched alive in their own houses. It saw how wives became widowers, mothers lost their child, orphanages were everywhere and sadness hovered the skies. Even the IGP then Tan Sri Rahman Hashim and the Perak Police Chief Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong, were murdered.

44. Without considering what the cruelty and atrocities of the communists, the current government has not only allowed the gathering of their sympathisers but no action was taken against those who had brought back Chin Peng’s ashes. It really hurts the people.

Dear friends,

45. UMNO protects the rakyat. UMNO, MCA and MIC which are the pillar of Barisan Nasional, together with PAS form the Muafakat Nasional. We open the door to other political parties in Sabah and Sarawak to join this new political narrative. This pact will become the best alternative for the people.

46. UMNO fights for the lower income bracket. They government is seen as managing the economy backward, and it just took a short span of time that see them selling many national strategic assets worth around RM33 billion as at now. Although the economic growth registers a slowdown, it is not a valid reason or excuse for them to sell off strategic asset, let alone the trust asset of the Malays and Bumiputera.

47. The everyday living of the B40 and M40 groups is deteriorating. The Sales and Service Tax (SST) failed to bring down the price of daily goods while they didn’t get any returns from it. Recipients of Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) was reduced to 5 million compared with 7 million under BR1M, and also saw the allocation trimmed down from RM6.8 billion to RM5 billion.

48. UMNO have ears for planters, settlers and fishermen. On May 2018, one tonne of crude palm oil chalked RM600 but it went down to RM280, much to the dismay of 650,000 smallholders and 112,000 Felda settlers nationwide. We used to give RM300 monthly to fishermen but it is now reduced to just RM250. Many more are suffering.

49. The Unfortunates (OKU) also feel the pinch when their monthly allowance of RM350 was reduced to RM300. KAFA teachers who were getting a one-off allowance of RM1,500 per annum are now made to accept RM1,200. Imam, bilal and tok siak saw their allowance being cut from RM1,500 to RM1,200.

Is this a benevolent government?
Is this a government who cares for the akyat?
Is this what the people want?
Of course they need an amicable solution to the economic woes!!!

50. UMNO is always with the civil servants.We would like to thanks them for their cooperation when BN was in power. We do understand their problems and dilemma today. Thousands of contract workers were laid off while the size of the public service has been downsized. We can only extend our empathy towards all these. In GE15, I hope they will reverse to the government that really takes care of them.

51. UMNO recognises the young generation. The rate of jobless among youth today is 10.8 per cent, much higher than 5.9 per cent in Thailand and 7.9 per cent in Vietnam. According to the Statistics Dept, 516,000 Malaysians are without job in the first quarter of 2019.

52. How to expect the PH government to provide us with enough new jobs when more are losing it, the economy going from bad to worse, many entities were sold and being sold on the pretext of paying debts, when foreign debts too are spiraling. They have to come up with more lies to substantiate the lies before. If the water is muddy up the river, it gets muddier down!

53. The government has regulated that those aged 18 can now cast their vote. It is expected that 7 million of those who had never voted are eligible by automatic registration by GE15. In this context, UMNO, Barisan Nasional dan Muafakat Nasional must stay in focus to woo them.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

54. I wish to reiterate that Political Resilience and Politics of Equilibirum are the elements of UMNO modernization. Muafakat Nasional is the new medium that will lead us to Putrajaya again. It is the best solution for the multiracial and multi-religious Malaysians.

55. Hence, I would like to make a call to all members at each and every level to put up their best, in their effort:
• We should optimize information technology via the Industrial Revolution 4.0. We must maximise the social media in disseminating news and information, building up positive perception on the party and in getting the people well-furnished with the right picture.
• Adopt the right work culture which is achievement-oriented.
• The need to draw up a story board, story line and master the art of story telling on issues of the masses, and consistently disseminate it as a tool to win over the war of perception.
• Fully-utilised the big data research without neglecting its human approach sentiment.
• To portray UMNO as a national embodiment for all, and
• Thanking all social media activists for helping the party to disseminate news and information.

56. Allow me to take up this opportunity to express my sincere feeling of gratitude and appreciation to those involved in Tanjung Piai – together they have strived endlessly to secure the victory for our candidate.

57. Together we reached to all places regardless of days or nights, hunger and thirst. We came from all over the country, leaving behind our families, just for the party interest. Some even ignored their state of health for the party, and this is really extraordinary and commendable.

58. I am more touched watching a video of how Hajah Shamsiah Selamat, a grassroots leader from Wanita UMNO Kota Tinggi, braved the heavy rain to woo voters. This is the true spirit for all of us, and this should symbolise our struggle in UMNO.

59. And I do appreciate Skuad Sayang and Dewan Muslimat PAS contribution, Skuad Sabil and Amal PAS, Puteri UMNO and Ameerah PAS, together with MCA, MIC and all who have worked hard in contributing to the victory. This is the spirit of cooperation needed in GE15.

60. This struggle is akin to sailing in an open sea. We are the ship under one captain who is assisted by others, Should our payload is piety, godly is our sail. When its compass is sincerity, all will be saved to destination.

If we don’t get what we had wished for, learn how to enjoy what we got.

Sehaluan tetapi tidak sejalan adalah lebih baik dari sejalan tetapi tidak sehaluan.

Hindarilah diri dari menjadi manusia yang suka perpuak-puak dan berpecah-belah

Menjadi orang yang kalah tetapi adil adalah lebih baik daripada menjadi orang yang menang tapi zalim

Insya-Allah UMNO akan hidup seperti pohon kayu yang lebat buahnya, dibaling dengan batu lalu dibalas dengan buah.

61. In Allah we trust. Wabillahi taufik walhidayah wasalamualaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuh.

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