Malaysia must be administered by benevolent government

THE leadership crisis finally ends and confusion subsides. Its a new dawning for Malaysia, something for us to cherish which reflects the maturity of Malaysians in politics.

Our nation preserves its peaceful environment. Nobody took to the streets. YDP Agong has expedited his duty with utmost responsibility as stipulated by the Constitution. The people were calm and with no untoward incident.

We thank the people for their cool response. You have shown what it is to be Malaysians!

Now it is up to the prime minister and friends to regain the people’s trust after all that happened. Although dominated by three Malay parties, the rakyat were hoping that the new government will serve all sectors of the community.

Malaysia must be administered by a benevolent government that serves the interest and rights of all citizens. The main thrust is still to revive the economy. The depleted economy must be re-energized, and this needs a lot of efforts.

Finally, this is the time for all of us to become one again. What has taken place a week or two ago was common in a democracy. However, it was not volatile.

To all Malaysians, our prime focus is the country and its future. Each and every of us want the best of Malaysia, that’s our common dream. A prosperous Malaysia doesn’t need inspirational words or heart-rending rhetoric.

All it needs are hard work, genuine idea and a beautiful interfaith and inter-religious cooperation. For the future of our only Malaysia, let us all work hard to realise it.

Dato’ Seri Utama Haji Mohamad bin Haji Hasan
UMNO Deputy President

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