UMNO turns 74: Serving generations

FOR 74 years UMNO and its leaders have served the people of Malaysia. Don’t forget that fact. From 1946 to the present day 2020, each and every one of us have benefited from its struggle. For generations, UMNO has been devoting itself to the people.
Resistance to Malayan Union, independence of beloved homeland, independence, stabilizing politics after May 13, 1969, the New Economic Policy (NEP), various policies made by UMNO prime minister under Barisan Nasional government to the establishment of peace with PAS through Muafakat Nasional, the party is always serving everybody.
Villagers and poor families are given the same level of education as those in urban areas whose parents are rich. The villagers were given scholarships or loans to study at institutions of higher learning locally or abroad, and they now occupy various sectors; as civil servants, entrepreneurs, professionals, NGOs or politicians. All of this has been achieved with the NEP, education policy and other policies as a result of the idea and approval of UMNO and BN cabinet.
UMNO and PAS have been at odds for over 60 years which led to the disintegration of the Malays. But the difference ended when UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang signed the Muafakat Nasional Charter on Sept 14, 2019 at the PWTC Kuala Lumpur.
“Berkorban ikhlas, nama dicipta,
Bila dikenal, mendapat ruang;
UMNO dan PAS, henti sengketa,
Muafakat Nasional, teguh berjuang”
How is UMNO supposed to be managed for tomorrow and the future? For the future generations, the events of the BN government’s defeat two years ago on May 9, 2018 are worth remembering. The cause is believed to slander, manifesto that deceived the people, more than four million mainly young Malays were not registered to vote and the Malays were well split.
Therefore, for the future of Umno and BN, PAS and other friendly parties cooperating as one, we must win GE-15 to ensure Malay/Bumiputera are not split or deliberately being broken again by opponents.
If 79 BN seats in the GE-14 were recaptured, along with 18 PAS seats and 32 seats in which BN votes were merged with the PAS, those seats lost could be won, which means 129 seats would be ours. Combined with other parties, we can be triumphant again.
Why is winning GE15 so important? It is to ensure that the people continue to progress and live a better life. It has been proven under 62-year of BN administration that the people and nation were taken well taken care of. In covered all generations. If the first generation are only rubber tappers and live in villager and did not have access to daily utiities, the second and third generations are now having good profession, better education and live a better life.
The success stalled for 22 months when PH-DAP ruled. At that time the atmosphere was not so conducive. The Prophet, our King insulted, the army and Jawi calligraphy were insulted, the national language ridiculed, civil servants ejected from their service, people cheated with false manifestos, state property sold and mortgaged, increased government debt, unstable economy and UMNO leaders dragged to court on fabricated charges were some of their distasteful deeds.
As the Perikatan Nasional takes over this time, people and countries around the world are facing a “3rd world war” against the invisible enemy, the Covid-19 outbreak. We are facing this challenge and once again UMNO leaders are at the forefront, serving to ensure good health and safety of the people.
In conjunction with this 74th UMNO Day, let us celebrate together and with our families, and let us ensure that the party continues to prosper Malaysians and Malaysia forever.

Semangat sedikit, jangan dibuang,
Sekian lama, sudah membara;
UMNO bangkit, terus berjuang,
Demi agama, bangsa negara.

Sekian lama, sudah membara,
Sepanjang hayat, dilupa jangan;
Demi agama, bangsa negara,
Prihatin rakyat, jadi pegangan.

Datuk Seri Haji Ahmad Haji Maslan
UMNO Secretary-General